We believe that start-ups, social entrepreneurs, and small businesses possess the ingenuity to develop and implement innovative, sustainable solutions for complex government and global markets.

We connect the innovative and sustainable solutions of start-ups, social entrepreneurs and small businesses to complex government and global challenges. Our comprehensive end to end business development service provides new doors of opportunity to create sustainable revenues and strategic growth.

World Economy

Are you present in the entire market?

Government agencies spend trillions of dollars in the marketplace to acquire professional services, develop infrastructure, and awarding new grants.

To take advantage of this opportunity, make sure your company is keyed in on these options.

We Are Your Partner

Startups and small-to-medium sized enterprises often do not have the time, money, resources and/or technical expertise to grow and operate in international or U.S. government markets.

Federal regulations stipulate that the U.S. government is required to award at least 20% of all contracts to small businesses, thus providing unique opportunities for our partners.  The overseas market has 75% of the global consumer market creating huge potential opportunities.


Business Development

End to end business development services for start-ups, small businesses and social entrepreneurs looking to enter new markets.

We are your Government and Global business development team!

What Prevents You From
Exploring These Markets?

  • Limited time to research opportunities
  • Market complexity
  • Up-front costs
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Long-term commitment for uncertain returns

The Solution –
Our Proven Model

  • Lean start-up process
  • Value Proposition development
  • Experience in Government and Global markets
  • Fluency in the language, culture, and requirements necessary to succeed
  • End-to-end support:  We are your partners every step of the way!
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